Trending Sexyy Red Rapper Ig Story Video Leaked

Trending Sexyy Red Rapper Ig Story Video Leaked

Sexyy Red has never been shy about speaking about her personal experiences, as embarrassing, raunchy, or aggressive as possible. After all, a lot had happened to him, and he wasn’t necessarily the instigator in many of these cases. On top of that, the 25-year-old rapper recently appeared on Lil Yachty’s A Safe Place podcast, where they discussed a lot of issues.

As they talk about their intimacy and sexual experience, Red reveals why someone leaked the sex tape. Apparently, it all started with a car accident, as strange as that sounds.

Sexyy Red Leaked Video After Car Accident! SCANDAL

Furthermore, at about 26 minutes into the conversation, Sexyy Red said she was hooking up with a man in a relationship. If you’re wondering how that relates to a car accident, let’s just say that the guy seems a little careless both on the road and on his cell phone.

“So they [the man and his partner] got into a car accident, and he left his cell phone in the car accident and left it at the scene,” explained MC St. Louis. “He checked his phone and saw a video of him eating my chicken on the phone, and he posted it on the internet.”

In other parts of the conversation, Yachty, Sexyy Red, and co-host MitchGoneMad talk about condoms, adding more material to their discussion of their relationship.

In fact, the “I’m The S**t” artist revealed that she doesn’t use it at all. Also, he tells a funny story about how his girlfriend found one in the trash at his house and accused him of cheating on her. “I’m the raw dog queen,” she replied, and explained on  the podcast that a friend and her partner had been on the couch and dumped the condoms in her house.

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