Full Moyo Lawal Video Got Leaked on Twitter

Netizens are devouring the s3x video clasp of top Nollywood entertainer, Moyo Lawal, with an obscure man.

Nonetheless, with her movement on Instagram a little while after the clasp was delivered, the entertainer didn’t appear to mind, as she kept on presenting things totally inconsequential on the turn of events.

His last post about an hour prior was about his part in a film called ‘Chameleon’, which pulled in excess of 6,000 remarks in something like an hour of being posted.

Typically, a large portion of the remarks fixated on the sex tape, not the film.

Why The Video of Moyo Lawal Got Leaks?

In the comments section, some people downplayed the sex tape, while others reached out to the actress in solidarity.

Mimi Orjiekwe, Nina Ivy, Bobrisky, Moet Abebe and a number of others sent words of encouragement and support to the actress, with emojis and kind words.

Moyo didn’t actually reply to anyone, but his previous posts may convey something about his state of mind.

Moyo Lawal wrote: “The only miracle I still believe in is love.

“And if you ask me, after everything I’ve been through, how I can still believe in love, it’s because I know that in love and dreams nothing is impossible.”

But that was about six hours ago; perhaps before the video clip went viral.

Fans of popular actress, Moyo Lawal, have taken to various social media platforms to express their opinions on a video showing her having sex with an unidentified man.

The video that went viral on Saturday shows the faces of the actress and her partner in bed in what appears to be a hotel room.

Since the video appeared on the Internet, the actress has received a lot of criticism from her fans. Meanwhile, the actress has not said anything regarding the matter; instead posting photos of herself on set.

Responding to the video, one fan, John Joshua, said, “All the celebrities have been leaking their nudes to get more publicity and connections we don’t know about.”

Another fan, Tina Omovo, wrote, “You celebrities are meant to be role models for your viewers. You were the person I expected the least from.”

Commenting on his latest photo, Erugo Blessing wrote, “This photo should be captioned, ‘No leaked video can bring me down’.”

Offering his words of encouragement, Sri George wrote, “Please do not let this bother you. Instead, use this as a stepping stone to higher possibilities.”

Although Lawal is known for posting controversial and sensual content online, he previously stated in one of his videos that the last thing that would get him ‘dragged’ online is any kind of sex-related issue. He said, “I have made a lot of sacrifices and said no to a lot of things. People know how I am when it comes to sex, so the last thing that can be used to bring me down is sex.”

The actress has also often claimed that despite the impression some people have of her, she is not as bad as they think. She said, “No matter what I have done, I am not as bad as an ordinary girl.”

Shockingly, the X account, @moyolawalofficial, purportedly belonging to the actress wrote on Saturday, “The woman in this clip is not me, please stop spreading fake news. Please, it wasn’t me, stop spreading misinformation.”

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