Kroger makes major change to 500 stores after successful test – and customers will ‘interact’ with it immediately



SHOPPERS are set to see one major change next time they visit Kroger.

The giant grocery chain has partnered with Cooler Screens to bring smart screens into 500 Kroger stores across the nation.

Kroger and Cooler Screens will offer the new technology to 500 locations


Kroger and Cooler Screens will offer the new technology to 500 locationsCredit: Cooler Screens

After the three-year pilot, both Kroger and Cooler Screens saw the in-store shopper experiences improve with the help of the screens’ interactive media and digital merchandising.

The company says the screens are meant to help customers make more informed choices based on personal preferences, diets, health needs, budgets, and lifestyles

“We’re humbled to expand our strategic alignment with Kroger, which is a pioneer in retail media and second-to-none in the use of consumer insights,” Cooler Screens chief executive officer and founder Arsen Avakian said in a statement.

“And like Kroger, we use consumer insights to create a triple win for consumers, brands, and the retailer,” Arsen added.

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While it’s unclear which surfaces Kroger plans for the new screens, Cooler Screens recently expanded from cooler doors to walls, end caps, and windows.


Cooler Screens is a technology company offering retailers digital in-store media and merchandising.

The company created smart screen software to use with new or existing screens in stores.

Driven by artificial intelligence, the company hopes to create a digital in-store experience for shoppers and brands.

Additionally, the technology company recently created software compatible with existing surfaces on walls, end caps, checkout lanes, banner aisles, pharmacy/healthcare areas, food service boards, windows, and coolers.

Aside from Kroger, Cooler Screens has partnered with places like Walgreens, Giant Eagle’s GetGo convenience stores, Chevron, Areas, Parkland, and Western Union.


The large grocery store chain has slowly switched from paper to digital coupons, frustrating less tech-savvy customers.

As most deals are now being offered solely online, a number of groups like Consumer Action and Consumer Reports wrote to stores asking them to end digital-only couponing.

Kroger responded by stating it will honor the same digital discounts to customers without digital accounts.

Customers can now receive digital discounted pricing by requesting it at any customer service desk.

Additionally, Kroger decided to ax the weekly circular last month despite many mailers relying on grocery deals.

However, they aren’t gone for good as instead of mailing them to customers’ homes, the grocer will keep the flyers in-store only.

Kroger and its affiliates will also continue to post digital ads and coupons to its mobile apps, where customers can create a digital profile to receive customized ads.

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