Panera Bread fans demand five abruptly discontinued items are brought back – including one lunch staple

NOTHING is worse than falling in love with a food item from your favorite fast food joint or café, only for it to be discontinued and pulled from the menu.

No matter what the brand is, there are plenty of fans who each have a list of which items they’re desperately hoping comes back and Panera Bread is no different.

Panera Bread fans are desperately hoping these items make a return to the menu


Panera Bread fans are desperately hoping these items make a return to the menuCredit: Getty

Founded in 1987, Panera bread has often been associated with semi-healthy food with refreshing salads and hearty soups.

The café has also been the go-to hotspot for many people looking to get some work done on their laptops.

But that still hasn’t stopped the company from making decisions that have broken their customers’ hearts.

Here are some Panera Bread items that people are hoping will soon make a return.

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When it was available, the Power Kale Caesar Salad was a clear favorite among many Panera Bread customers.

Instead of your run-of-the-mill Caesar salad, foodies were given an upgrade in the form of Parmesan crisps.

And, rather than the standard romaine lettuce, customers were treated to yummy kale.

Anyone that wasn’t bold enough for the Power version could also opt for the regular salad as well, however, many found it boring.

Thankfully, this item is fairly easy to replicate at home so any fans hoping for a return can at least make their own version in the meantime.


The Spinach Power Salad was introduced to customers in 2013 and eateries have never been the same.

Baby spinach, mushrooms, onions, eggs, bacon, and an onion vinaigrette made for a super tasty treat.

But, the forces that be removed the salad that had become a quick favorite.

However, much like the Power Kale Caesar Salad, this meal is easy to make at home and there are plenty of copycat recipes on the internet.


The Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous Salad was added to the menu in 2014 as part of a rise in Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

With fresh produce, whole grains, seafood, and healthy fats, this meal was said to support better heart health and have all-around great health benefits.

Alas, this yummy salad was soon gone as well an many are hoping it makes a return sooner rather than later.


Yet another simple menu item that was immediately loved by fans.

Whether you were a vegan or not, this soup was packed full of flavor, making it an easy choice to reach for.

It all came to an end in 2016 with a Reddit user asking if the soup would be coming back.

Many posters who claimed to work for Panera said the soup would make its return, however, a representative on Facebook said the chain had “switched up” its menu to include newer seasonal items.

But if you’re still missing this treat, you can most likely buy a heat-and-eat offering from the Panera brand at your grocery store.


This hearty meal was introduced in 2011, tasting just like a chicken pot pie without the crush.

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Served with a cheesy biscuit and creamy broth, the soup was a hotbed of potatoes, leeks, and carrots that won diners’ hearts.

It was so beloved that fans shouted for the company to release the recipe so they could make it at home if they couldn’t buy it in-store.

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