Inside the ‘eerie’ abandoned Olympic stadium that was closed over safety fears with grim puddles of water left in pool

OLYMPIC stadiums are abandoned worldwide after entertaining millions of fans and the 2016 games are no different.

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, hosted some of the world’s best athletes, and now the stadium is forbidden due to safety fears.

The 2017 Summer Olympics were in Rio Brazil


The 2017 Summer Olympics were in Rio BrazilCredit: Getty
The stadium is a wasteland now


The stadium is a wasteland nowCredit: Getty

The Olympic stadium pool was built in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 summer games and still stands today but is now an abandoned wasteland.

Once the Rio 2016 Olympics wrapped up and everyone went back to their country, very few events were organized in the venues.

A Brazilian judge mandated the closure of the Rio Aquatics venue on safety issues in 2020.

The concerns were from water levels still current at the facility.

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In the former official and training pools, numerous dark, dirty standing water areas could be located inside and outside the venue, making the building a high-risk place for mosquitoes that carry dengue fever and Zika virus.

The outside of the stadium is a mess with bricks and rubble everywhere, giving the place an eerie and desolate atmosphere.

The stadium was used for aquatics and featured arguably the best swimmer to ever touch a pool, Michael Phelps.

He dominated the field in his last appearance in the Summer Olympics for Team USA after three previous games.

Phelps won five gold medals and one silver.

He finished his career with the highest number of medals in Olympics history, with 28 medals across five Summer Games.

The 2016 Summer Olympics was also Simone Biles’s debut for Team USA’s gymnastics squad.

The building was shut down in 2020 after concerns


The building was shut down in 2020 after concernsCredit: Getty

She had a clean sweep and took home gold in her four events.

Micahel Phelps swam in this pool


Micahel Phelps swam in this poolCredit: Getty
The outside of the abandoned stadium


The outside of the abandoned stadiumCredit: Getty

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