Home Depot is selling $12,475 tiny home that comes with pre-assembled parts and quick delivery – but there’s a catch

HOME Depot is selling a super cheap product that could be the start of a low-cost, sustainable house.

For just $12,475, shoppers can get a 170-square-foot steel frame building kit delivered right to their property.

Home Depot is selling a framing kit that could be used to build an amazing tiny home


Home Depot is selling a framing kit that could be used to build an amazing tiny homeCredit: Plus 1 Home Kits
For just $12,475, the savvy builder can purchase the frame for their dream house


For just $12,475, the savvy builder can purchase the frame for their dream houseCredit: Plus 1 Home Kits

While the frame can’t be slept in that night, it would be perfect for an office or guest home outside a larger property.

It also could easily be the skilled minimalist’s perfect tiny home.

According to the description, the cheap frame comes with pre-assembled parts like steel panels which will make the building process easier.

The steel is high-quality, termite and shrink-proof, and is designed to be maintained easily.

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“PLUS 1 introduces our Phoenix steel frame home kit, architecturally designed to provide extra-space outside of your home for personal use,” the description reads.

Home Depot gives some interesting ideas on how to use the frame in a mock-up that appears to show a tiny living space.

In the small space, the savvy builder could still comfortably fit a bed, living area, and full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.

“This framing kit is designed for easy assembly on your own concrete slab,” Home Depot writes.

The retailer clarified that this purchase will only go towards the steel framing that can be used to build upon further.

However, the company wrote that any materials needed for plumbing or electrical wiring can be purchased at their store.


A Coloradan resident recently was evicted from their tiny home after not properly securing land rights.

The homeowner, David, shared his story on YouTube.

“The city of Boulder doesn’t have any appropriate legal code regarding tiny houses or other nontraditional housing methods,” David said.

“The tiny is essentially non-conforming, and living in a structure was not allowed.”

David suggests that tiny home owners be exceptionally diligent about local home codes before moving into their dwellings.

“I would just say to be very diligent in making sure you can be legal if that’s what you want to do.”


Home experts warned new home buyers of a litany of high-profit maneuvers home builders could use.

Realtor.com collected a number of Reddit commenters who said they may have been duped by high costs in the new home construction.

“We spent $4,000 on a fridge, range, dishwasher, over-the-range microwave, chest freezer, and washer-dryer,” one Redditer said.

“Also ended up having new sod and sprinklers installed. $11,000 for that. Vinyl fence for the backyard so the dog can enjoy herself, $4,000.”

Another warned that window dressings were the most egregious profit-seeking ploy.

” Window treatments are the biggest rip-off. Margins must be crazy,” another user wrote.

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The U.S. Sun reports on various tiny homes including one that shoppers can get at Walmart.

And not all tiny homes are exactly tiny. One home actually comfortably fits a family of five.

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