BIANCA Censori was thrust into the spotlight after it was revealed that she married controversial rapper Kanye West.

Now, fans want to know more about her career and personal fortune.

Bianca Censori gained prominence in 2023 because of her relationship with Kanye West


Bianca Censori gained prominence in 2023 because of her relationship with Kanye WestCredit: Getty

What is Bianca Censori’s net worth?

Bianca Censori is married to one of the biggest rappers in the world, yet she often shies away from the spotlight.

Not much is known about her net worth, but several online reports claim that it can be as high as $5million.

Censori’s estimated net worth is nowhere close to her husband’s fortune, which is an estimated $500million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

West’s net worth stems from the success of his music as well as his clothing brand and other business ventures.

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What does Bianca Censori do?

Outside of being known as West’s wife, Censori is known for her career as a model and architectural designer.

She began working for West’s Yeezy brand in November 2020 as an architectural designer after relocating to the United States from Melbourne, Australia.

Prior to Yeezy, Censori worked as a student architect at DP Toscano Architects and as a design consultant at Kelektic, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Censori also founded Nylons Jewellery while studying at the University of Melbourne.

While there, she earned her bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2017 and later her master’s in 2020.

Bianca Censori is known for her career as Yeezy's architectural designer


Bianca Censori is known for her career as Yeezy’s architectural designerCredit: Facebook

Is Bianca Censori on Instagram?

While Censori might be in a high-profile relationship, she often keeps details of her personal life out of the spotlight.

Along with staying out of the spotlight, she always stays off social media.

Prior to her relationship with West, she had an active Instagram account with over 16,000 followers, but it has since been deactivated.

There are several accounts on site claiming to be her, but at this time, it is not known if any of them are valid.

Her only active social media site as of this writing appears to be her LinkedIn page.

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