I’m a big-busted gal and refuse to wear a bra – we should all chuck them in the bin, comfort is key



A SUNKISSED  model told how she hates wearing a bra and wishes she could chuck them all in a bin forever.

Ava has a 34DD bust and dreads having to stick on the restrictive and uncomfortable underwear.

Ava says she hates wearing a bra


Ava says she hates wearing a braCredit: Supplied
Ava says she's far more comfortable going braless


Ava says she’s far more comfortable going bralessCredit: Supplied

So she heads out one without one on whenever she gets the chance.

Ava, 33, said: “I hate wearing bras, if I’m being honest. Free the nipple I say.

“I went braless today and really prefer that.

“They make me feel so uncomfortable that after a few hours I feel like taking it off and throwing it in the bin.”

But Ava, from the Midlands, finds that even on the rare occasion that she does wear a bra she still gets loads of looks and stares wherever she goes.

She revealed: “My nipples always look cold so that gets a lot of attention.

“It doesn’t bother me. I’ve learned to just ignore it and take it in my stride. It can get uncomfortable if I’m alone but I can laugh it off if I’m with friends.”

“It surprises me the amount of attention a nipple can get. But boobs are great.”

Ava earlier revealed her big peach bum is so irresistible that she gets a lot of attention – even from waiters in restaurants.

She said: “I was out for a meal once and he grabbed my bum.

“I was quite shocked because it happened in a packed restaurant.

“But it also made me and my friends laugh so much. The waiter was very flirtatious and good looking.”

Ava revealed that she decided to become a full-time content creator about seven months ago.

It’s boosted her confidence as she gets compliments and messages from admirers.

But it’s also led to some downsides that she’s learned to take in her stride.

She said: “You get a lot of hate and judgement.

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“I am the talk of my old town and everyone loves a gossip about me.

“I’m far too busy having fun and enjoying my own life to care what other people do with theirs. But we’re not all the same I guess.”

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