Walmart shopper ‘caught’ after sneaky clothing trick ‘to try and break through store’s anti-theft measures’

A WALMART shopper attempted to disguise herself as a staffer in a bid to try and break into the store’s locked cabinets, cops have said.

Officers said the incident occurred at the supercenter in Marana, Arizona on May 19.

A Walmart shopper tried to disguise herself as a staffer in a bid to get into locked cabinets at a store in Arizona


A Walmart shopper tried to disguise herself as a staffer in a bid to get into locked cabinets at a store in ArizonaCredit: Google Maps

Police said the woman tried to get into several cabinets in the electronics department.

The woman then put on a Walmart-style vest she had in her purse, per the ABC affiliate KGUN.

She then tried again to get into the cases but couldn’t and left the store.

Locking items in cabinets is just one strategy Walmart has implemented in a bid to combat theft.

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Electrical goods and personal care products are among the items that have been locked away in cabinets.

But, the policy has not been welcomed by all shoppers.

Twitter user Nick Hepler said: “Even suburban Walmart stores in my area have started locking up a lot of personal care items and electronics. Now I just buy on Amazon so I don’t have to track someone down.”

Meanwhile, Sherri (@Specneedsmom4) recalled that she saw men’s underwear and socks locked away while she was shopping at her local Walmart store.

Lisa (@bravissisima) said: “In CA, it is almost impossible to shop at Walmart. Everything is under lock and key as if we’re all thieves.”

Some customers were apoplectic that products such as baby nutrition formula had been stored behind plexiglass.

It’s not just Walmart that has resorted to locking items away in cabinets.

The U.S. Sun previously reported how Target shoppers were furious when they noticed hygiene items had been put in a cabinet.

Shoppers have also noticed that pricier items in Walmart have been wrapped in anti-theft spider wrap, and pictures obtained by Insider showed a lot-cop in action at a store in Kentucky.

The cameras that have been put up in the parking lot are designed to deter shoplifters.

Customers have also been warned about the impact of theft on consumers.

Walmart has installed signs that read: “Reducing theft helps us all by keeping prices low.”

Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon told CNBC Squawk Box in December last year that theft remains an issue for the major retailer.

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He warned: “It’s higher than what it has historically been.”

McMillon feared that theft could lead to price hikes and stores closing.

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