KROGER shoppers were disheartened to hear that a popular seltzer has been discontinued.

Several shoppers have taken to Twitter for answers about what happened to the Fizz & Co. Seltzers.

Kroger shoppers were in an uproar upon hearing the drink had been discontinued


Kroger shoppers were in an uproar upon hearing the drink had been discontinued

“Kroger what happened to the Fizz and Co Seltzers! We need them back,” wrote one customer.

Another person wrote: “Kroger did y’all discontinue the cola flavored Fizz & Co seltzer? I can’t find it anywhere and I’m crying real tears.”

Unfortunately, the grocery store had to be the bearer of bad news and let everyone know the seltzers wouldn’t be coming back.

Even more customer complaints came in after Kroger confirmed Fizz & Co. would be no more.

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“I’d give about anything for Fizz and Co cola to come back. It was so so good and got me off soda,” someone wrote.

Someone else said: “Your Fizz & Co seltzers were unequaled in the marketplace. The Pepper, Root Beer, and Cola’s excellent flavors can’t be found elsewhere without sweeteners.

“You have to bring them back!”

One person even said they had driven over three hours just to get a specific flavor of seltzer once.

“Every day is less good without this product!!!!!!!!!!!!” tweeted another, to which Kroger replied: “We are saddened about it too!”


This wasn’t the only fizzy drink that Kroger customers had to part ways with recently.

Earlier this year, the grocery store also discontinued the naturally flavored raspberry seltzer water.

A shopper was told the drink had been pulled from production after she couldn’t find a 12-pack of the drink after visiting several stores.

She said: “This is the worst day of my life. The Raspberry Seltzer has been discontinued. This feels personal.”

The retailer said: “Don’t hate us….and it’s nothing personal, but yes, the Raspberry Seltzer has been discontinued.

Customers had to say goodbye to a third drink too, which was a fruity favorite.

Plus, see why the store discontinued what shoppers called its “best and underrated” product.

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