Jersey Shore Family Vacation LIVE — Deena slammed as ‘petty’ for snubbing Angelina as fans call episode ‘hard to watch’

Vinny and Angelina’s love story

Vinny is the first public relationship Angelina has had since she divorced her ex-husband, Chris Larangeira, in May 2022.

The Staten Island, New York native confirmed the romance to her co-stars in a September 2022 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

She and Vinny met on Instagram.

While their relationship was going strong, he did not appear on the reality series until season six.

Early in that season, Angelina revealed that they were “getting a little bit more serious.”

She said on the show in March: “Things have been heating up between us and we’re definitely moving along in our relationship. He’s from Staten Island and yes, his name is Vinny. What are the f**king odds of that.”

About a month later, she suggested that things had gotten even more serious between them as she invited him on a cast trip.

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