Ivan Toney ban updates — Brentford striker’s ‘gambling addiction’ revealed as ban reduced to 8 months after doc report

England boss shares concern about Ivan Toney’s ban

England manager Gareth Southgate expressed concern at the news of Ivan Toney’s ban.

He said: “Not being allowed to play is one thing but not being allowed to be within the football community,  we have to be really careful how we do that.

“He accepted the punishment. What bothers me is we must look after people. He’s injured, what does he do about getting fit?

“How do we give him structure over the next few months so he can be a better person at the end?

“I don’t like the idea we leave somebody so they aren’t allowed to be part of the football community.

“I don’t think that’s how the best rehabilitation programmes would work.

“I’m not questioning the decision on the ban. I’m thinking about the player and how I help them.”

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