Mrs Hinch fan reveals how to make ‘crunchy, rough’ towels soft again with ‘magical’ £2 buy

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ONE of the most underrated parts of staying in a hotel or going to a spa is the quality and feel of the towels they use. 

And while you might wash yours with the most incredible fabric softener, somehow they never manage to get to that level of comfort. 

A woman has asked for help on how to make her towels soft again


A woman has asked for help on how to make her towels soft againCredit: Getty
People urged the woman to use soda crystals


People urged the woman to use soda crystalsCredit: Getty
Soda crystals can be bought for just £2


Soda crystals can be bought for just £2Credit: Morrisons

That’s when one woman decided enough was enough and took to social media to ask people how, exactly, they get their towels that feel like “cardboard” back to a fluffy base. 

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, she wrote: “How do I get my towels nice and soft again?

“I’ve used softener but they’re getting to the cardboard stage.” 

While softener is great to use in a washing machine, washing detergent can build up in the fibres, which will eventually get them to that “crunchy” stage people don’t like. 

People often try to combat this issue by using white vinegar, but it appears there’s another solution that will only cost you £2. 

Many people replied to her post by urging her to use soda crystals. 

While similar to baking soda, soda crystals are more alkaline and better for removing things like grease and stains – or detergent build up. 

“You need to use soda crystals in your washing machine,” one person wrote. “It eliminates all the soap buildup.”

Another shared: “Don’t use fabric softener as it builds up and towels go hard. 

“Wash them with just soda crystals might take a couple of goes to remove the softener, but it brings them back to what they should be like.”

A third chimed: “Someone commended a little white vinegar in the fabric drawer, but I think soda crystals in the drum works better than white vinegar.

“I put some in at my last washing cycle and my towels are no longer crunchy, rough and hard. Works like magic.” 

While a fourth added: “Yep soda crystals in the wash, don’t use fabric condition either as stops absorbency”. 

Soda crystals can be found in B&Q, Sainsbury’s and Ocado for just £2, making it a cheap and easy option to get towels back to the fluffy state they were meant to be in. 

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