Who is DeAndre Jordan’s wife Bethany Gerber?

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DEANDRE Jordan is one of the Denver Nugget’s best players this season, but his wife is also well established.

Who is DeAndre’s long time partner Bethany Gerber, and what does she do for a living?

She and DeAndre have been together since around 2018


She and DeAndre have been together since around 2018

Who is Bethany Gerber?

Bethany Gerber was born on April 28, 1989, in Winfield, Kansas.

Her mother was a pageant queen and worked in schools, with her father working as a principal in local schools as well.

She attended the University of Oklahoma from 2007 until 2012, and also dipped into engineering as an intern after college.

Her major in college was Industrial Engineering.

Prior to meeting her current partner DeAndre, she was linked to NBA superstar Blake Griffin.

She first met DeAndre in 2018, and the two seem to have stuck together since then.

In December 2021, they announced they were pregnant with their first child together.

Bethany often shares pictures of her and DeAndre’s son on Instagram, but is careful to never show his face.

What does Bethany Gerber do for a living?

Bethany works as an account manager at Dosist, based out of Los Angeles.

Dosist is a cannabis company which assists in providing cannabinoid-based therapy to those who need it.

Prior to joining Dosist, she worked as an account manager for IST Management Services.

She also had brief acting stings in films Request and The Bridemaker.

How old is Bethany Gerber?

Bethany is 34 years old as of 2023, making her the same age as her beau DeAndre.

She and her husband tend to shy away from the public eye and are focusing on raising their son together.

They seem to live together and often share love on each other’s Instagram posts.

When was Bethany Gerber Miss Kansas?

Bethany formerly represented Kansas at the Miss USA Pageant in 2010.

She was crowned with the title at the age of 21, and took a semester away from her studies to focus on the pageant.

She took place in the Miss USA Pageant on April 18, 2010, placing in the top 15 of all contestants.

She and DeAndre have been together for almost five years

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She and DeAndre have been together for almost five years

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