Shemia Fagan Death News Gone Viral After Resignation: Scandal Explained

The false rumors of Shemia Fagan’s death news spread so quickly, causing unnecessary concern and confusion among her supporters.

The resignation of Oregon’s Secretary, Shemia Fagan, has made headlines nationwide. The news of her resignation came amid controversy surrounding her cannabis consulting contract. 

Fagan’s scandal has raised concerns about conflicts of interest and the integrity of the election process in Oregon. Her resignation is a significant blow to the Democratic Party in the state, as Fagan was seen as a rising star and a potential candidate for higher office. 

The incident also highlights the need for strict ethics rules and regulations to maintain the impartiality of election officials and prevent conflicts of interest.

Shemia Fagan Death News Gone Viral After Resignation

Despite being false, rumors of Shemia Fagan’s death news gone viral after her resignation, causing confusion and concern among her supporters.

As news of Shemia Fagan’s resignation broke, social media was flooded with condolences and support. Many people expressed shock and sadness at the sudden resignation of such a prominent figure in Oregon’s political landscape.

Rumors of her death also circulated, causing further confusion and concern among her supporters. However, it is important to note that Shemia Fagan is alive and well. 

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The rumors of her death are false, and she has made no public statements regarding the rumors. It is unclear where the rumors originated, but they were likely spread through social media and other online platforms.

Shemia Fagan Resignation News

Shemia Fagan has announced her resignation effective May 8, 2023. 

Shemia 1
After winning the election for the position of Oregon’s secretary of state, Shemia Fagan delivered her acceptance speech to a camera without an operator. (Source:

This comes after a scandal surrounding her acceptance of a lucrative side job as a cannabis consultant while serving as the top election official. 

Fagan’s resignation is a significant blow to the Democratic Party in Oregon, as she was seen as a potential candidate for higher office. Her deputy, Cheryl Myers, will take over until Governor Tina Kotek appoints a successor.

Shemia Fagan initially defended her decision to work as a cannabis consultant, claiming it complied with state ethics rules. However, her justification did not appease her supporters, including top Democrats, who began questioning her behavior.

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In addition, there was mounting scrutiny over the actual work she had performed for the cannabis Company. As a result, Fagan canceled the agreement over the weekend.

Shemia Fagan Scandal Explained 

The scandal surrounding Shemia Fagan began when Willamette Week reported on April 27 that Fagan had signed a contract to work as a consultant for a subsidiary of La Mota, a cannabis dispensary Company. 

Shemia Fagan
Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan resigned, citing her $10,000 per month cannabis job and conflicts of interest with her office’s audit of the cannabis industry. (Source: Twitter)

Major Democratic donors ran the Company. It was recently scrutinized for back taxes owed to the state Department of Revenue and regulatory issues with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission.

Fagan initially defended her decision to work for La Mota, stating that the $10,000-per-month contract was not a conflict of interest and was in compliance with state ethics rules.

However, her decision was met with criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. Republican leaders called for her resignation, while top Democrats began questioning her behavior and the impartiality of the election process.

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The controversy continued to escalate, with increasing scrutiny over Fagan’s actual consulting work for La Mota. 


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