WWE Sees London Money In The Bank PLE As Presentation For Potential UK Partners

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WWE will be returning to the United Kingdom on July 1 as the Money in the Bank premium live event takes place in London, England, and during WWE’s first quarter earnings call this morning, Nick Khan confirmed that it is being done to present the company to potential partners.

“One of the reasons for the Money In The Bank event July 1 at the O2 Arena in London is so the buyers can see our product live,” he confirmed. “It’s a heck of a lot easier for all of us once people have, for them to understand exactly what sports entertainment is compared to us simply articulating to them what we believe it is.”

This is all being done as part of WWE’s desire to grow, as Khan confirmed the company is having talks regarding both the core content rights and the WWE Network with buyers in the UK. Of course, WWE has already migrated its streaming service library to Peacock, but that is not available in the UK; as such, the company is exploring other options, with this event set to be a big part of that.

Watch 18+

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