Where Is Dr Chris Brown Going After Leaving 10 Network? New Job

Where Is Dr Chris Brown Going? Dr Chris Brown’s next career move after leaving Channel 10 has generated significant interest online.

Brown, an Australian author, television host, and veterinarian, gained recognition when a media manager overheard him sharing stories in a Sydney bar in 2003.

He is returning to the television network where his career first took off, Seven, and this decision is a major surprise to Network Ten.

He had been with Network Ten for over a decade; hosting shows like Bondi Vet, The Living Room, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, and even make appearances on The Project.

People are eager to discover why Dr Brown is headed to this new venture. This article will provide you with information about his new job and salary.

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Where Is Dr Chris Brown Going After Leaving 10 Network? 

Following the final broadcast of the reality show on Channel 10, the TV host said goodbye to the program, leaving many curious about his future plans.

It has been disclosed that Brown has joined the Seven Network and will leave Network 10 in February 2023.

The Seven Network is a prominent commercial free-to-air television network in Australia, and Brown was reportedly signed for an annual salary of over 1 million USD.

Chris Brown is leaving the Network Ten after being the part of it for over a decade
Chris Brown is leaving Network Ten after being part of it for over a decade (Source: Sky News Australia)

During his farewell on the last show, the host expressed his appreciation to the entire team and acknowledged the strong bond that had developed over the years.

Furthermore, it had been over ten years since the TV personality had been associated with Channel 10 before deciding to pursue new opportunities at Channel 7.

On February 24, 2019, the Australian TV personality launched the show Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway on Network 10 alongside Julia Morris.

The broadcaster has garnered a loyal audience who appreciates his work on the show.

Before that, the veterinarian started working at a clinic on Sydney’s North Shore after completing his degree.

Furthermore, he provided veterinary care to isolated Aboriginal tribes in the Northern Territory.

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Find Out About Dr Chris Brown New Job

With the news of his departure, people are eager to discover new content featuring their favorite veterinarian host on the channel.

He is set to join Channel Seven in July 2023 for an undisclosed project. Brown is expected to contribute to developing “new projects” for the entire network.

After fulfilling his contractual obligations for I’m A Celebrity this year, the Australian broadcaster will officially join the network in July. 

According to sources, on April 1st, TV Tonight playfully suggested that the celebrity veteran might host the network’s revival of the ’90s variety program Man O Man.

Dr Brown is set to join Channel Seven in July 2023 for an unannounced project
Dr Brown is set to join Channel Seven in July 2023 for an unannounced project (Source: Truly Aus)

This Australian television game show, hosted by Rob Guest, had a male beauty contest theme.

However, neither the channel nor the TV personality has provided any hints about the specifics of the new project.

Furthermore, it will be intriguing to witness the introduction of these new projects by the team and observe their performance.

The Australian TV host’s extensive experience and strong reputation yield positive results.

With over two decades of industry experience, the TV host has established himself as both a TV personality and a veterinarian while pursuing a career as an author.

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