Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang Sex Tape Video Leaked (Watch Full Video Here)

Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang Sex Tape Video Leaked

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An explicit video featuring a female celebrity has reportedly been going viral online recently. On Tuesday, April 18, Liang posted an Instagram story in which she acknowledged that the lady in the video was actually her.

The 31-year-old continued by saying that it was “recorded years ago” and that she was unsure of the circumstances surrounding its current disclosure.

“I never imagined that I would experience something similar, but I did. All I want is to get away from everything.

“At first, I had no desire to respond in any way. Although I’m terrified, I’ve reminded myself that I must face this challenge bravely because I have people I adore and am fiercely protective of.

The rapper continued by expressing her “very hurt” at the circumstance and her intention to seek redress through the judicial system. She begged everyone to cease sharing the video in the meanwhile.

Since then, many admirers have left supportive comments beneath Liang’s social media posts. Even her current partner, who is not in the entertainment industry, spoke out in her favor.

In an Instagram story, he remarked, “Sometimes you simply want to live a decent life, but it is so difficult.

Liang allegedly confessed to HK01 in a previous interview that an ex-boyfriend had secretly taped a video of them having a sexual encounter when she was intoxicated.

According to reports, she was only made aware of the video’s existence by a close friend who later assisted in erasing it from the man’s computer.


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