suspects in murder of Ruth Yakadi Bako, a student at the University of Jos

Out of the 19 people detained as suspects in the murder of Ruth Yakadi Bako, a student at the University of Jos, the police have now narrowed the suspects down to this one man named Friday Samson. Recall Ruth was murdered on December 10, 2022, in the Farin Gada neighborhood of Jos, and her body was discarded in the bushes near a car wash.

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He saw her stepping out of a commercial vehicle late at night after work had ended; he followed her to a remote location where, after much struggle, he jumped her and raped her. He worked as a security at one of the nearby filing stations.
He then proceeded to stab her. His behavior almost created a catastrophe in the region as the Residents of the neighborhood suspected numerous individuals of killing Ruth.
Officers in Katako tracked her phone and discovered it with a man named Ephraim Emmanuel, who claimed to have purchased it on Friday. At the police headquarters yesterday, Friday admitted to the crime and will shortly face charges. May God continue to reveal them in his unending wisdom.


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