Man forcefully evacuated from a Lagos-bound flight after allegedly shouting “Tinubu must not be sworn in as President

On Friday, March 31, a man was forcibly removed from an Ibom Air trip from Abuja to Lagos after allegedly demanding that Bola Tinubu not be sworn in as president. This allegedly caused mayhem within the plane.

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The individual reportedly stood in the middle of the aircraft and shouted that Tinubu must never take the oath of office and warned that there would be “war” if he did.

The flight crew promptly contacted airport security officials about his remarks since they were alarming, and they evacuated him after the plane was delayed for more than an hour.

When the man was being carried off the plane while shouting, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria security personnel can be seen in a viral video on social media “Greetings, Obidients. They are torturing me like this. I’m naked, Obidients, and you’re here. Obedients, I’m about to strip off my clothes.”


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