Festus Keyamo reacts to trending video of a man being removed from an aircraft after saying “Tinubu must not be sworn in”

Festus Keyamo, the minister of state for labor and employment, has responded to the viral video showing a guy who identified himself as a member of Peter Obi’s “Obedient” movement being ejected from an airplane on March 31.

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The individual yelled, “Tinubu must not be sworn in as president,” and was removed from the aircraft.

He caused panic among many passengers who thought he posed a threat during the journey. When airport security arrived, they dragged the man obscenely out of the plane.

An APC leader named Keyamo responded to the event via his Twitter account, saying the presidential candidate the jailed man is backing must publicly denounce this action.

Keyamo penned;

One emotionally and mentally unstable “OBIdient” who brought his “Tinubu-must-not-be-sworn-in” campaign to a local flight yesterday and was ejected for being disruptive has just realized the difference between causing trouble in real life and enlisting the help of the headless mob on social media for likes and retweets. Furthermore, since this reckless act of public annoyance was committed in ostensible support of one of the presidential candidates, that candidate MUST publicly and unequivocally denounce it. Since then, @officialABAT has released a statement urging his supporters to temper their language and encourage national healing and reconciliation. We anticipate the other candidates to do no less.



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