Reactions As the Twitter Hashtag #WhereIsTinubu Trends

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The (hashtag) “#WhereIsTinubu?” is currently trending on Twitter, indicating that Nigerians have turned to social media to inquire about the whereabouts of President-elect Bola Tinubu.

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Nigerians were upset when Tinubu missed his annual Bola Tinubu Colloquium lecture series, which he normally holds to commemorate his 71st birthday on March 29.
Nigerians have continued to worry about the whereabouts and health of the former governor of Lagos State.

View responses below:

 @PIDOMNIGERIA wrote: “Where is Tinubu since Monday night. Please Remi tell us the truth. Or should we join you in prayers.”

@UchePOkoye wrote: “The prison is where you belong Mr. Tinubu. He must come and defend himself.”

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@odogwu_obi wrote: “Tinubu has not been seen for several days even on his birthday, he is no where to be found..

This is just what to expect from Tinubu and his cabals if the drug Lord is allowed to be president of Nigeria.. Judiciary save Nigeria”

@EleyiLagos wrote: “Where is Tinubu, this is Tinubu all the way from France the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

@CitizenObs wrote: “Nigerian ‘Pablo Escoba’ and the so called “President-elect”, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has not been seen in public for days. Where is Tinubu, the drug Lord of Lagos and Chicago?”

@Dawa911 wrote: “Where is Tinubu Nigeria and Nigerians voted for a living thing but INEC gave us a none living thing. The North is asking where is Tinubu, SS, and SE are tired of asking where is Tinubu. The whole nation is asking Come out Tinubu.”

@decentRBL wrote: “Before campaigns, they asked; Where is Tinubu? He showed up to beat them silly at the polls as promised.

“After elections, they’ve once again asked; “Where is Tinubu?” This time, Jagaban will be back to take his oath of office as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“@festus64 wrote: “Where is tinubu, and why is his absence fueling an interim government propaganda???

“Anyways,APC doesn’t have enough foot soldiers to stage a nationwide protest that will warrant chaos that will lead to interim government”

@King_Inspires wrote: 2023, “Nigeria is still struggling with choosing leaders. But let it be known, we chose our leaders, but they are forcing on us one that is making Nigerians to be asking, ‘where is Tinubu’.”



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