A group calls on Mutfwang to give Plateau citizens the benefits of democracy.

Plateau State Governor-elect Barr Caleb Mutfwang has been ordered by the Citizens Observers Hub/Executive Director of CYPA Africa, Ambassador Chris Iyama, to form his cabinet on May 29, 2023, and get things going with persons of good standing.

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Iyama claims that Mutfwang’s victory is evidence of the support and confidence the people of Plateau State have in him.

He claims that it is appropriate to raise Mutfwang’s attention to some crucial concerns now that the elections are completed and he will be sworn in on May 29, 2023.

In a statement from Jos that was made accessible to Sunday Independent, Iyama warned that although visitors are flooding into Mutfwang’s home to congratulate him on his triumph, he should be aware that many of them might simply be sycophants and praise-singers with ulterior motives.

In order to enable meeting the aspirations of the Plateau people, we implore you to be blind to praise singers and deaf to sycophants while hiring the brightest minds for the appropriate offices in your cabinet.

Iyama encouraged Mutfwang to make sure that the individuals he chose for his cabinet would be seen as a reflection of his intelligence and commitment to putting governance programs and ideology into action.

“We beg you to get going right away in order to save time and win the support of the electorate,” the letter reads.

He claims that their proposal is based on the failures of earlier administrations that resulted from delays in the formation of a cabinet and other important executive and administrative positions, wasting time on internal politicking about who gets what, where the person came from, and the office to be occupied.

As a result, the Lalong administration took months to fully take off while voters waited in waning hopes.

In order to prevent the Plateau people from going through the hardships and frustrations the outgoing administration inflicted on the State for eight (8) years, he charged Mutfwang to understand that time is of the essence and that as a result, Plateau Governor-Elect, must start implementing his plans for the people of Plateau State from the first day he assumes office.

He asserted that it is crucial to consider important projects like the National Library-Abattoir Connecting Bridge and road networks that the outgoing administration refused to finish throughout their eight (8) years in office, highlighting the fact that when these projects are finished, Plateau residents will have an easier time navigating Jos Metropolis and will experience less traffic.

The Kuru-Riyom route connecting Plateau State to Kaduna State, which is the most popular entry point into the state, is in a deteriorated condition, and we would want to draw your attention to it as well. Please examine different funding sources and raw materials for road construction as you utilize your power to make the road repair and/or dualization possible.

He continued by saying that government agencies’ security and safety reports show that, in terms of fatal accidents and security breaches, the road has turned into a death trap.

“As stated in your Policy Thrust, Operation Rainbow, the state security unit, needs to be urgently revamped in order to quickly control hot spots, flash points, and security risk regions in our rural towns. This is crucial to make sure that lives and property are safeguarded proactively rather than through after-the-fact responses.

In order to safeguard people and property on the Plateau, he continued, there is already a ready army of young people.

You will remember how youngsters used the same perseverance and drive to thwart attempts to rig the results at several collation centers.

Iyama made a vague allusion to the urgent need for widespread employment in the civil service upon Mutfwang’s assumption of office, noting that since the youths who turned out to support Barr Mutfwang’s mandate were largely jobless, it was necessary to employ them in productive endeavors for Plateau State’s overall security and economic prosperity.

“Drawing from your Governance Philosophy and Programs on the need to strengthen the State’s economy through investment in the agricultural sector, you will recall that the Agric Services Training Center and Marketing Limited (ASTC) shut down as soon as the Lalong-led administration took office, stressing that rather than continuing where the Jang-led administration left off, Governor Lalong administration left equipment and farm supplies to rot away.

“Farmers were left to their fate in subsistence farming, which had limited ability to supply the State’s daily dietary needs. Hence, revitalizing the ASTC will provide plenty of agricultural employment prospects for Plateau residents.

Additionally, he urged that the Greater Jos Master Plan should be revisited in order to expand growth and urbanization in other parts of Jos by building out a vast road network.

“The Jos Main Market project is throbbing in the hearts of Plateau citizens and should be investigated with a view to addressing the challenges via fostering confidence among Plateau locals.”

He pointed out that it is obvious that Plateau youths turned out in large numbers to vote for Barr Mutfwang from the results at all levels of collation and computation as well as the festive atmosphere and jubilations that preceded the election of Mutfwang.

“To this end, they ensured that there were no interferences from foreign interests at various collation centers throughout the State; these youth stayed out in the rain and the sun, endured brutality from state-sponsored security operatives, and slept at collation centers to prevent the premature termination of Mutfwang mandate.”

He appealed with Mutfwang not to betray the confidence of the Youths as the outgoing administration did and suggested that thirty percent (30%) of the slots in Mutfwang’s cabinet be designated for young people, who should be appointed into his cabinet if they are professionals in their fields of endeavor.

Young people are tired of being hired as Special Assistants (SAs) or “data guys,” positions that don’t come with a portfolio or job description.

Iyama suggested that Mutfwang please consider hiring some of the young people who distinguished themselves in various leadership roles during the previous administration on the Plateau so they can carry on their good job.

We boldly assert that there are young people from Plateau State or associated with the Plateau course who are having an influence in a variety of disciplines in Nigeria and internationally. These individuals are the brains required for high-quality governance.

Yama further stated that now that the political era was finished, it was time for the Plateau people to take the reins of leadership and government.

He said that the Citizens Observers Hub is a partnership of civil society organizations aiming to strengthen Nigeria’s democratic governance and hold legitimate elections.

In carrying out our mandate, we won’t forget to sound the alarm when your administration decides to forgo governance in favor of frivolities. In order to do this, we are dedicated to monitoring every dollar and every project in Plateau State, as well as the behavior of those who will hold office in your government.

It won’t be business as usual, he continued, reminding Mutfwang that the people, not godfathers, gave him the authority to lead Plateau State beginning on May 29, 2023.

We will therefore closely monitor your administration to make sure that you carry out your duties and do everything in your power to develop Plateau State, bring about the benefits of democracy, and preserve human life, Iyama emphasised.


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