Yoruba vs Igbo: Attacks in Lagos shows Tinubu will rule like Adolf Hitler – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential contender for 2023, has charged Bola Tinubu with waging an attack against Igbos and other non-Yorubas in Lagos State.

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According to Atiku, the incident in Lagos State during the governorship race demonstrated that Tinubu will control Nigeria in a similar manner to Adolf Hitler’s regime in Germany.

He charged Tinubu with using his thugs to intimidate voters in Lagos during elections.

This was revealed by the former vice president in a statement sent by his spokesperson, Frank Shaibu.

According to a remark by Shaibu, Nigerians will long for the days of the late military leader Sani Abacha under Tinubu’s dictatorship.

Part of the statement read: “Adolph Hitler used this strategy in the 1930s. They utilized the Jews as their punching bag at the time and engaged in stereotyping. Assaults against the Igbo and all other non-Yoruba speakers in Lagos have been initiated by Tinubu today.

“Tinubu wants to bring authoritarianism, scientific racism, and Yoruba tribal superiority to the federal level as a result of what transpired in Lagos.

“Tinubu has been in charge of Lagos for 23 years. The APC prevails in every local government election while he is in office. He unleashes his goons, who also target non-Yoruba ethnic communities, prior to gubernatorial and state assembly elections. This was evident in Lagos on Saturday.

The Nazi type of leadership that Tinubu intends to introduce will cause Nigerians to long for Sani Abacha’s former military dictatorship.

Igbos were attacked in Lagos State before the governorship election on Saturday.

Before the governorship election, attacks and fires destroyed markets with a large Igbo population.

Igbos were urged not to cast ballots during the election by some goons thought to be supporters of the All Progressives Congress, or APC.

Following Peter Obi’s victory as the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate in Lagos State, attacks erupted.


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