Plateau Governor-Elect, Mutfwang assures citizens of an inclusive administration

Barr. Caleb Mutfwang, the candidate for governor of Plateau State, has guaranteed all Plateau residents that he will serve as a governor for all as he plans to establish an inclusive administration with a clear goal of improving the entire state.

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In his acceptance speech, Mufwang thanked the state’s voters for selecting him to be the future governor of Plateau State. He also dedicated his victory to God and the people of Plateau and paid honor to his supporters who had died while participating in a campaign rally.

“My beloved Plateau people, congratulations to all of us,” he remarked. The election process, which started months ago, just came to an end with the State Returning Officer announcing that I had won the position of Governor-elect for our kind state. I’m touched by the trust you have placed in me.

“I want to express my gratitude to the All-Powerful God for keeping me alive and healthy and for granting me the opportunity to serve you in accordance with His own plan. Let me to express my profound gratitude to everyone who supported me by praying, voting, and showing your belief in me. Even though I may never meet some of you, Heaven is aware of the sacrifices you made. May the Lord God Almighty richly reward you.

“Let me also pay tribute to the heroes of democracy who paid the ultimate price to bring about change in our beloved State. With the grace of God, no one will ever forget them. My appreciation also extends to the communal, religious, and traditional leaders for their dedication to the Plateau.

“The Plateau leadership and personnel of INEC have exceeded expectations. The state’s security organizations made a significant contribution to ensuring a level playing field for the competition. I must express my profound gratitude to the leaders and members of our beloved party, the PDP, for putting aside their differences and cooperating to achieve this successful outcome.

“Thank you all very much,” he said, “for showing your love for Plateau State by overcoming all the challenges put in our way to achieve this historic triumph. I won’t take for granted the faith you have placed in me. I’m aware of how big the work at hand is.

“Since I am convinced that God Almighty provides grace for every task, I am sure we won’t fall short of your expectations. As a result, I respectfully accept this duty since Plateau needs to be saved immediately.
I want to reassure all Plateau residents that I will be governor of all as we start the transition process.

“I plan to establish an inclusive government with a distinct goal of promoting the entire state. By God’s grace, we will always act justly and fairly. I thus urge you to unify as a people and rise up to meet the difficulties that lie ahead. Though the titans of uncertainty, debt, mistrust, etc. are attempting to obstruct us, God will undoubtedly grant us victory if we are united and persistent.

He began by saying, “May I therefore call on my brothers who flew the flags of their parties to come let us walk and work together to save the Plateau that we all love.” He then urged on his other candidates to join hands with him to save the State.

Senator Jonah Jang, Senator-elect for the Northern Zone Simon Mwadkwon, PDP Vice Chairman for the Central Zone Theophilus Dakas Shan, State Party Chairman Chris Hassan, Hon. Beni Lar, Campaign DG Mr. Let’s Dabang, and others earlier than them expressed gratitude to the Plateau people for their PDP votes.

“We have changed the change,” Jang declared. “I have transitioned from leading the Party to being its founder. God will aid Mutfwang in running the Plateau well now that he is the Party’s leader.

“The voters have done the Plateau proud. Keep being united as Plateau people, regardless of ethnicity or religion,” Mwadkwon said.

Winning is sweet, Lar emphasized, and this is the best triumph for Plateau State in a very long time.

“We appreciate the Plateau people for keeping trust with us,” Hassan said. I’m grateful.


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