Governor Simon Bako Lalong has launched a high-powered revenue drive with the goal of increasing the State’s monthly revenue base to between 3 and 5 billion dollars monthly, weeks after signing the recently passed Revenue Law, Property and Land Use Charge Law, as well as the Plateau Geographic Information Systems Law.

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Governor Lalong announced the start of the exercise at the Plateau State Internal Revenue Agency Headquarters in Jos and stated that it was intended to change the state’s income in order to make room for funding more initiatives and programs that are now hindered by a lack of finance.

Lalong, who paid the ground rent fees for his private property, claimed he made the decision to set an example for others to follow in order to show the public that no one is exempt from the law or will be left out of the process.

“I’m not asking the people to do as I SAY, but as I DO,” he declared. In accordance with the law, I am not only the governor but also the chairman of the Plateau State Revenue Council. Leaders, as the cliché goes, take the initiative. No one will default because I have personally displayed this degree of civic duty as the most important citizen of the State. The law applies to all of us, and those who break the law are guilty, will be held accountable. As a result, I anticipate that all citizens, especially elected and appointed political officials, will stand behind me and follow suit. The time has come to exercise leadership.
The Governor declared he would not speak out for any tax defaulter. I beg all citizens, especially the “big men,” to obey because I won’t accept any requests for intervention when the law catches up with you. The law is at issue here, not me or anyone else. I’m paying my own way today because I don’t want to grovel or look foolish, he remarked.

He cited the recent enactment of the Plateau State Revenue (Consolidation) Law, the Plateau Property and Land Use Charge Law, and the Plateau Geographic Information Services Law, among others, all of which were intended to strengthen the tax system and provide legal protection for all revenue-generating activities. Nonetheless, the Governor issued a warning against default, noting that anyone intending to use some government services in the Plateau State will soon need to provide proof of tax payment. This is crucial because without corresponding responsibility, we are unable to enjoy and assert our rights and benefits.

Executive Chairman of the PSIRS Dashe reiterated that the effort, which entails raising awareness among taxpayers, educating them about the issue, and conducting on-the-spot inspections of registration licenses and permits, is ongoing and will continue. He urged all parties involved to uphold their civic duty by freely paying all taxes, levies, fees, and fines in order to increase our IGR.

He asserts that the government would start enforcing the law after the period of sensitization and persuasion has passed, and anyone who disobeys will be prosecuted.

The governor and other key government officials visited certain business locations after paying his ground rent symbolically in order to make them aware of the high-powered income drive and solicit their assistance. These are located in the Ahmadu Bello Way Terminus and include First Bank, UBA, and Onigbinde Shops. The organizations gave the Governor their word that they would try their hardest to make sure the income drive was successful.


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