NSCDC bursts fake dollars, Naira syndicates in Plateau, Nasarawa, Bauchi and Gombe states.

This was announced in an announcement made in Abuja by associate professor Ahmed Audi, commandant general of the NSCDC.

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He claimed that the agency’s special intelligence squad apprehended two syndicates for engaging in offenses such as criminal conspiracy, cheating, Obtaining By Trick, (OBT), and the production/distribution of counterfeit US Dollars (USD) and new Naira notes. These syndicates are experts in producing and distributing counterfeit US Dollars (USD) and new Naira notes for circulation into society.

Four male adults from one of the groups detained were found in possession of counterfeit 64,800 US dollars ($64,800) and 475,000 Naira (N475,000) notes, while five male adults from a second group were also found to be in possession of counterfeit N1.5m notes.

Dantala Omale, “M,” 30 years old, Plateau State; Musa Abdullahi, “M,” 24 years old, Plateau State; Audu Abdulazeez, “M,” 56 years old, Gombe State; Umar Hassan, “M,” 46 years old, Plateau State; and Mahammadu Badaru Yakubu, “M,” 30 years old, Nasarawa State.

The statement reads, “The arrest was made when one Dantala Omale from Plateau state was enticed to Nasarawa and picked up by the squad on February 22, 2023, with bogus new naira notes worth N412,000.

Musa Abdullahi, Also Known As, (AKA), Baballe was apprehended on February 22, 2023, in Namu, Quanpan LGA, Plateau state, in possession of N49,650 in counterfeit notes after the arrested suspect admitted to acquiring them from Baballe.

“After a thorough interrogation, Abdullahi confessed that he typically purchases his counterfeit money from one Audu Abdulazeez, AKA Dan-Gombe, who the squad apprehended on March 3, 2023, at the Plateau Express service motor park in Jos, Plateau State, at around 11:20 a.m. with N350,000 worth of counterfeit newly redesigned Naira notes.

All of the syndicate’s members were ultimately detained after Abdulazeez admitted to delivering one Umar Hassan the bogus notes while the squad’s investigation continued.
Hassan was found to be in possession of N20,500 at the time of his detention.

According to the statement, Hassan admitted to being involved in the crime and said he frequently dealt with Mohammadu Badaru Yakubu, who was also detained at around 3:10 p.m. in Lafia Town close to the old CBN headquarters.

The NSCDC team also dismantled another racket, which was apprehended with $64,800 and N475,000.

Jonathan Dakogol, Abbas Ibrahim, Isa Ukashatu, and Aminu Isa are among them.

After being convinced to deliver the money to a client, they were apprehended with phony $64,800 and N475,000 at Akurba of Lafia Local Government Area (LGA) in Nasarawa State.

After being detained, Dakogol offered his assistance and directed the CG’S SIS agents to the Kurgwi region in the Quaan’Pan LGA of Plateau State, where one Aminu Isa, who was allegedly a herbalist, was also detained.

Isa also assisted the Squad in apprehending 62-year-old Abbas Ibrahim in Quaan’Pan LGA, Plateau State, who was in possession of $30,000 in phony US dollars.

At the time of their arrest, all suspects were discovered to be in possession of counterfeit money, including newly created Naira notes with denominations ranging from N500 to N1000. They also admitted to have been involved in the business for more than five years.

In a related incident, the Commandant General has offered to cover Ibrahim Adam, a member of its staff from the Lagos state command, who was killed in a crash at Giri in the Federal Capital Territory, hospital costs (FCT).

Audi gave the order to treat Adam, who was due for surgery, right away while she was on a visit to assess the health of the crash-affected employees.

Affirming his dedication to the welfare of his staff, the CG instructed Dr. Oba Jude, Head of the NSCDC Health and Medical Services unit, to oversee and coordinate the victim’s care, making sure that the officer who was identified as having multiple fractures and a spinal cord injury receives the necessary attention.

Five other accident participants have been released from the hospital after experiencing remarkable health improvements.

The statement claims that Adam fractured several bones in addition to suffering a spinal cord injury.


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