End fuel, naira crises – NLC gives FG 7-day ultimatum

The Nigerian Labour Congress, or NLC, has given the federal government a seven-day deadline to end the fuel and naira crises or it will mobilize for a large-scale protest.

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Joe Ajaero, the president of the NLC, made this statement to the media in Abuja regarding the outcome of a meeting called by the congress’ Central Working Committee.

According to Ajaero, Nigerians, particularly laborers, had reached breaking point and were unable to remain silent.

According to him, it is truly challenging for Nigerian employees to access their hard-earned money in banks, and Nigerians are wondering why banks are unable to give them the money they were instructed to deposit into the bank.

“You would also have noted that petroleum products are hard to see. You can see that in some regions of this country, a litre of fuel can cost as much as N350 or more.

The NLC is giving the Nigerian federal government, government agencies, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and other banking institutions seven working days to remedy the cash constraint situation.

“If they fail to do this at the end of the seven days, the congress will order all workers in the nation to remain at home because it has grown extremely difficult to access money to enter automobiles to get to their places of employment.

“The Congress desires to inform the federal government about this fuel issue. we’ll no longer keep quiet on this issue of perennial fuel scarcity and arbitrary increases on petroleum.”


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