Election: God’s wish is doing right thing, says Obi

Nevertheless, candidates have been unable to access the website for hours.

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The agency’s Director of Media and Advocacy, Femi Babafemi, confirmed the situation when our correspondent called him, but he claimed that website traffic-related bugs were to blame.

“The portal never went offline. There are issues since so many applicants are attempting to access the portal at once, but our technical staff will fix them before noon, he said. That’s not what God says.”

“What they’re saying is not God’s wish,” he said. Not what God has in mind for Nigeria. Why won’t we acknowledge that God’s will is for 133 million Nigerians to live in poverty? Why won’t we acknowledge that God intended for 95 million Nigerians to live in poverty? God wants us to live without electricity. God desires that our children be abducted. It is God’s will that our main healthcare system has failed, making us the nation with the highest newborn mortality rate. God does not say that.

“God wants you to act morally,” someone once said.

According to Obi, if the laws were followed, no one would contest how the polls were conducted because there were clear regulations in place.

Without any arguments, he continued, “it would have been resolved in a matter of hours.”

Nevertheless, Obi said, “God does not want you to make a mistake. “God doesn’t want you to rob a train, get rich, and start giving it away… This is what is destroying the nation. We are battling against those who come here, take public funds, and then distribute them to members of the church while claiming that this is God’s will. We want to put a stop to that.

“We want God’s will to be carried out as intended. And when we follow God’s instructions, He blesses us…

What advice do you provide children who are growing up? You believe that God wants you to steal? Is it God’s will for you to hold a bad election? Hence, explain to me how those of us who are carrying out this activity differ from armed robbers.

Obi stated that he hopes “God would enable us to do the right things so that we may begin constructing a better nation for our children.”


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