Police promise to arrest culprits behind deadly attack on community in Kaduna

The horrific attack on the Ungwan Wakili community in Kaduna State’s Zango Kataf Local Government Area on Saturday has been condemned by the Kaduna State Police Command, which has vowed to apprehend and prosecute those responsible.

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According to a statement made by the police spokesman, Muhammad Jalige, the joint security personnel’s quick action stopped the attackers from wreaking further damage on the neighborhood.

In addition, Jalige gave the community’s residents reassurance that security personnel were on top of the matter by promising that all those guilty for the attack will be caught and brought to justice.

The situation started a few days ago, according to the police spokeswoman, when a young boy who was raising cattle was killed. Since then, the police have conducted a thorough search of the area to look through the bushes and find any potential bodies.

The terrorists fled the area as a result of our security agents’ laborious efforts to drive the hoodlums away, according to Jalige.

He also said that a joint security team would be scouring the nearby bushes on Sunday afternoon to look for any bodies. They’ll also find the murder suspects and arrest them.

The police told the neighborhood that they were in control of the issue and that they would round up all the criminals responsible.


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