How Tinubu deceived Peter Obi into presidential race – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a social activist, claimed that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, had no chance of winning because of his lack of national support.

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Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, allegedly used trusted business associates to trick Obi into running for president despite knowing that fact, according to Omokri.

He asserts that the president-elect used those actions to lower support for the Peoples Democratic Party, which finished second in the election.

Omokri continued by saying that Tinubu showed skill in comprehending the mindset of the Obidients, who he claimed lacked the humility to realize they were being used as a pawn.

Omokri insisted that the APC is employing the similar tactic in cities like Kaduna, claiming that the party is financing the Labour Party’s governorship campaign in anticipation of Southern Kaduna residents casting passionate votes for Labour and splitting the PDP’s support.

“Peter Obi had no chance of winning. He had little national renown. Tinubu was aware of that. But, he tricked Obi into running for office using his reliable business partner—who enjoys dancing in public with him—knowing that this was the only way to lower the PDP’s support.

And perhaps more significantly, Tinubu demonstrated skill in comprehending the typical Obidient’s attitude. He was aware that they lacked the humility to recognize their deception.

“And it hasn’t ended yet. The APC is employing the similar tactic in cities like Kaduna. On their own, they can’t prevail. In order to divide the PDP’s support, they are supporting the Labour gubernatorial campaign, as Southern Kaduna voters will do so emotionally, according to Omokri.


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