Tinubu will rule Nigeria till 2031, hand over to northerner – Joe Igbokwe

The president-elect Bola Tinubu will rule Nigeria until 2031, at which point a northerner would take over and lead the nation until 2039, according to Joe Igbokwe, special adviser to the governor of Lagos State on drainages.

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This was said by Igbokwe, a senior member of the All Progressives Congress, or APC, in response to a comment on a post he had made on Facebook.

According to DAILY POST, the Special Advisor to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu posted an argument on his official page for why Igbos living in Lagos should support the governor’s bid for a second term.

The president-elect and former governor of the state, according to him, had backed well-known Igbo businesses in Lagos, saying that supporting Sanwo-Olu would be a way for them to repay Tinubu for his kindness over the years.

“President-Elect ASIWAJU BAT is a good friend of the Igbo and he done his best for famous Igbo businessmen and women in Lagos including me,” the candidate added.

It’s time to make amends, hence on March 18 we should vote in masse for GOV SANWO OLU.

Nevertheless, a follower named Ejike Akunna flooded the comment section to mock the APC leader in what appears to be disagreement with Igbokwe’s statement.

“Slay him your wife and girls and enthrone him as your household deity,” Ejike wrote. It will suffice as payment.

Igbokwe, incensed by Ejike’s remark, said that Asiwaju will control the nation for eight years before handing power to a northerner, ruling out the possibility of an Igbo presidency notwithstanding the wrath and hostility directed at Tinubu by Southeast citizens.

In response, he wrote, “When I observe the amount of reprehensible insults and name-calling emanating from South East youth, I flee with the idea that we Diderot not execute our duty as parents. Shame has surrounded me completely.

“Mark my words: Asiwaju from 2023 to 2031 and another Northerner from 2031 to 2039. Ejike Akunna jisieike. Life will go on, and we will still be offspring of rage and hatred. We will observe because we refrained from engaging in political games. Dazzol!!!”


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