Be resilient, vote LP candidates on March 18, Obi urges Edo people

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, urged party supporters in Edo State on Saturday not to be deterred by the results of the presidential election.

He asked them to keep up the momentum by supporting all of the party’s candidates in the state’s House of Assembly and governorship elections on Saturday, March 18.

When he visited the state to say “thank you,” Obi made this call. His convoy traveled from the New Benin Market along Mission Road and Sapele Road before coming to an end at Adesuwa Road, where he addressed a sizable crowd of supporters.

Insisting that a movement that cannot be stopped had started, he urged the supporters to finish the task they had begun on February 25 by casting a sizable number of ballots for Labour Party candidates in the March 18 elections.

I must implore Labour Party supporters not to become disheartened by the results of the presidential election, he stated.

“Nigeria cannot be allowed to continue in its current state. A paradigm shift is required to move Nigeria from its current situation to one that is better and more successful.

“The march toward a new Nigeria has begun. There is a movement, and no one can stop it. Nigeria will not be allowed to continue in its current state. We’ll keep supporting the Labour Party,” Obi declared.

He declared that a retreat would be organized for all of the Labour Party’s successful candidates to teach them what to do in the effort to alter the nation’s political narratives.

According to Julius Abure, the party’s national chairman, no candidate for the Labour Party was being supported by any other party and no candidates for the House of Assembly election in Edo State had resigned for anyone.


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